Z Scale Motive Power Tips

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Motive power tips

This section is the "entry" for tips on specific locos.

In general, since Z scale is so small, it takes REGULAR maintenance since dust, hair, lint will seriously affect performance. Running locos when they really start to slow down and become erratic is not a good practice.

Each manufacturer and loco have "tricks" on how to take apart and work on them, and there are also tips on improving the stock locos.

As mentioned before, you have to at least have an Optivisor (unless you are seriously nearsighted) and a good pair of tweezers.

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Many diesels are of the "split frame" construction, and the 2 halves hold the motor and gears. Overtightening can often cause excessive friction/binding. Often loosening the screws a fraction of a turn will improve things.


Click the links below to go "deeper" into details on indivudual motive power by manufacturer

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