Truck mounting fix from TOC (The Old Curmudgeon)


Even though is is mostly a NG guy, I was talking to Dave the other night and he pointed out some things about the Aristo heavyweight cars I had sort of noticed, but did not put the entire "picture" together. (And if you know TOC, when he talks about improving or fixing something, you listen!)


In the picture below, is something I noticed, but did not put 2 and 2 together. I did notice the pin that "controls" the maximum swing was flat on one side. I guess I figured it was a sort of mistake in the design. What I did not realize was the extent to which Aristo has tried to compensate for this. By removing the screw and washer on the pivot (the right hand "boss") you can see how little clearance there is, even after Aristo grinds a flat on the pin in the slot.


After the modification you can see how the pin in the curved slot no longer binds, and could be left as cast, not ground flat:


To accomplish this you need to reposition the bolster just a bit.  You will have to move the screw holes because of the slight offset precludes using either of the original holes.




That does it!


Another mod that many people may need if they don't have good trackwork, is to allow more side to side rocking of the truck, by reducing the side bearings. The original Aristo heavyweights did not have the side bearing "rib" (shown below). The rib is in current production for a number of years now.


The mod is simple, just cut a bit of it away: (some people taper it from the center out, but keeping it flat near the center keeps the car upright, so shortening is better.


As always, be sure you lubricate where the side bearing rubs. Lack of lubrication is the #1 reason for derailing, they come "dry" from the factory!

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