QSI "cheat sheet"

Indexed CV "reminder"

Besides regular CV's, QSI has "indexed" CV's. Basically this is a way to get more CV's than is allowed by the NMRA standard.

So when you go to set a CV, you may have to set and "index" CV first, sometimes two "index" CVs.

The CV's used for indexing are CV 49 and CV 50.

If you see a CV with decimal points, like CV 51.1, or CV 56.128.255 then you need one or two "indexes" set FIRST.

to set CV 51.1 to 15 (this sets the mute volume) you set

CV49 = 1  (thats the "point 1 part")
then set CV51 = 15

For a cv with two indexes, i.e. CV 56.128.255 = 113 (reset decoder to factory defaults)

CV 49 = 128
CV 50 = 255
now that the 2 indexes are set, you can set the CV value you "wanted"
CV 56 = 113

Remember: You always set the index registers first, that "sets up" the conditions to set the main CV.

Cheat sheet:

Mute volume:  51.1 = 15 (makes it quiet, but hearable)

51.1 = 0 (completely muted)
51.1 = 63 (50% volume)


Enable cv setting readback when programming on the main

I find this very helpful... not always set in the factory software

CV 62 =1

Reset: 56.128.255 = 113 - reset everything

Turn on or off BEMF (stops dual motor locos from jerking at slow speeds)

56.4 = 0 is STC (standard throttle control, no bemf or anything),

= 1 is RTC (sort of half STC and BEMF)

= 2 is BEMFSC (BEMF)

= 3 is CSC (caibrated speed control) maintains speed no matter what load, when set up right DCC speed step is actual SMPH

Startup and shutdown

F6 twice starts loco, or brings loco "up one level" from F9 shutdown / idle / off

F9 twice does a progression of things

first time, puts loco in "disconnect" everything works but motor does not

second time, puts loco in idle... sits and lopes at idle

third time, shuts down loco, shuts off dynamo, pumps motor, and lets off air pressure/steam

Read CV value on the main

CV 64 allows read back of a CV programming on main

QSI configuration 56.0

This cv controls a lot of things.

bit 0 - when sounds start, recommended: 0, sounds only start when the specific loco is address. =1 sounds will start when any DCC command for any address is "heard"

bit 1- set to 0 means imperial units, = 1 is metric

bit 2 - always zero

bit 3 - set to 0 is normal chuff, set to 1 is the short calibration chuff, and also maintains constant speed (wuzzat?)

bit 4 - set to 0 is BEMF chuff, set to 1 chuff is synchronized to the chuff cam contacts, NOTE: if set like this and no chuff cam/switch, no chuffs!

bit 5 - set to 0, otometer runs from bemf, set to 1 odometer runs from chuff cam

bit 6 - set to 0, ignores aux capacitor, set to 1 enables aux capacitor

bit 7 - set to 0, programming reed switch enabled, set to 1, reed switch is ignored except for power up


so basically, you normally set this to cv to zero, or to 16 for a chuff cam. add 64 if you have an aux capacitor




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