Web site statistics

Monitor Resolution

The chart below shows the monitor resolution of people accessing this site. 61% of users are viewing in at least the recommended resolution of 1280 pixels horizontally. Only 1% of the users are under 1024 (except for people viewing on old phones)

So, while I receive emails every so often that people cannot see text on the right margin, you need to upgrade your monitor, or run in a higher resolution, sorry! If you need 800 x 600, or 640 x 480, then get a 23" monitor and run it at 1280 x 768 and you will have the same visible pixel size.

I have found scrolling pictures horizontally is tiresome, and putting lower resolution images on the page and making you click them to see the high resolution is a pain also.

Browser used:

Internet explorer is still the leader at 39.5% (adding up all versions). The largest single version browser used is Safari at 24%. Firefox is right behind at 19% and chrome at 14%.

Whew, too many browsers! Notice how few IE7 users there are. UPGRADE! It's really bad.

Operating systems used:

Windows is basically 65% of the users, and the Mac O/S is 9%. The unknown is most likely tablets and phones, probably Android.

Since I last updated this, Windows lost 10%, Mac O/S wend from 13% to 9%. The growth appears to be in cell phones and tablets. Linux has stayed about the same.

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