Aristo motive power versions

There are basically 2 different types of diesel power gearboxes, the 2 axle type that has one fixed axle and one swiveling axle, and the (initially) 3 axle type with the modular "prime mover" gearbox. (There is one example of a 2 axle prime mover gearbox, the GP40).

The two axle units have been through several versions, the prime mover is unchanged from inception.

A short chronology of Aristo diesel production:

Aristo FA1 - 1988
U25B -
RS3 - 1996
Lil-Critter - 1997
CenterCab - 1998
SD-45 - 2001
Dash-9 - 2004
E8 - 2007
GP-40 - 2008 


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