LGB Decoders & Sound Boards


This page is just some collected information on LGB decoders


The new MFX decoders are basically really a pain if you run traditional DCC. The first thing you should do is change CV50 to either 0 (DCC only) or 2 (DCC &  analog). Without changing this up front, many people have experienced erratic operation, and erratic CV operations.



older LGB decoders (55021 and 55027) do have standard features and have manuals.
The onboard decoder does have standard connections but cv's are preprogrammed differently.


CV 106 is the number for the factory load on these decoders.

 73 - small single motor porters are
129 - Unitah mallet, and Coke Mogul, and most American steamers with the 2 motor board
146 - American trolley and F7, and most American 2 motor diesels
148 - Track cleaner loco






LGB sound board.


model 20252

part number 8.837010.1