Dash 9 Bachmann re-issue


So, announced in 2022, and re-issued mid 2023, Kader made more Dash 9's and sold them through their distributor Bachmann Trains.


The electronics have changed to follow the "updated" Aristo socked that Bachmann has been developing, which is a good thing.

Most of the control signals now follow DCC practice, i.e. logic level to ground will enable them.

(note that some things have been changed that might have issues with older plug and play boards, notably headlights, and smoke)

Please note that when running from battery, you need to separately supply power to the main board, as is typical with all Bachmann locos with the socket.


Front Headlight J1-4  1.9 mA
Rear Headlight J1-9  1.9  mA


but as is common with Aristo, using PWM for motor control can make the headlights flicker, and sometimes not dim correctly. In the Aristo locos this was caused by the regulator circuit for the lights, which was not a series regulator, but a small PIC processor doing PWM to the lights.... when the processor was given an input that was ALREADY PWM it would often go nuts at certain "voltages"...


J1-8 Smoke Activation 11.2mA  The smoke unit itself draws up to around  0.6A. but this current is funneled through the + and - connections and not through the function pin.


The major change from the Aristo incarnation of "the socket" is using J2 for functions:

J2-10 Front Number board lights 5.5 mA (2 leds)
J2-9 Cab Light 2.8 mA
J2-8 Safety Lights 20.1 mA (8 leds)
J2-7 Right Ditch Light  2.8 mA
J2-6 Left Ditch Light  2.8 mA


not documented: ditchlights will only turn on if the front headlight is already on.  


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