0-4-0 Bachmann side tank porter


There is an early and late version


The first version had a pivoted (twists along the longitudinal axis of the loco) front driver and tracked well.


  • overall length  "end beam to end beam is 10.25"
  • cab height 5" from the rail
  • cab width 3-9/16"

this is 1:22.5 in keeping with the products of the time, no dynamo on this loco


The second version had the typical Bachmann chuff "drum" on the front axle and thus could not be pivoted


  • end beam to end beam 10.75"
  • cab height is 5.5"
  • cab width 4"


the claimed scale is 1:20.3

This loco has a dynamo


(thanks to Dave Goodson for this data)




Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78