Ted Doskaris' Vignettes & Presentations

Ted has graciously allowed the presentation of his "vignettes" and other information here on this site. These are in-depth, technical reviews and observations of various parts of the hobby. You will appreciate Ted's style and insight. I did, and that was the impetus for offering a permanent home for this information.

The information can be accessed in 4 ways:

  1. The vignettes will be found referenced in the various sections of the web site as applicable, normally under rolling stock, motive power, and track.
  2. The complete web site menu structure is available (as always) by clicking the 3 horizontal lines in the far upper left of this page.
  3. The complete index of vignettes is also here in the 8 pages listed with links below.
  4. You can search for any subject with the search function in the top menu.

Links to presentations and other information:

BAGRS 10 Feb 2018 Presentation

Master index & links to the 8 pages of vignettes:

Page 1 GP40, AML trucks, AML covered hoppers, AML Bethgons, Aristo body mounts, Aristo #6 turnout, Aristo 40' DD box, Aristo 100 ton hopper, Aristo Freight BB retrofit

Page 2 Aristo covered hopper, AML reefers, Aristo streamliners, Aristo E8, Aristo Evans car, Aristo Flat and Gon, Aristo GP40 & SD45 Kadee, Aristo GP40

Page 3 Aristo cameras, Aristo GP40 motors & wheels, Aristo HW passengers, Aristo couplers, Aristo lowered floors, Aristo Mallet, Aristo metal wheels, Aristo MKT DD box, Aristo Napa wine train, Aristo PWC power

Page 4 Aristo Revolution base station, Aristo 100 ton hopper, Aristo roof walks, Aristo RS-3 weights, Aristo SD45 weights and railings, Aristo signal bridge, Aristo 90 degree crossing, Aristo tank car, Aristo diesels triple headed, Aristo truck springs

Page 5 Aristo turnout motors, Aristo U25B, Aristo WR turnout, Cotton belt train, Custom Kadee coupler boxes, Kadee coupler gauge, Kadee #1 vs. G couplers, USAT caboose and kadees, Ted's layout, Lionel steam loco blind driver example

Page 6 Turnouts, Aristo SS wheels, USAT 4 bay hopper, USAT GP38, USAT SD70, USAT Hydra-cushion box, USAT intermodals, USAT streamliners, Aristo HW passenger cars and Kadees, LGB Modern Tank Car and Kadees

Page 7 LGB box car & Kadee, Kadee body mounts in general, LGB 50' flat, lowering and Kadees, LGB center flow hopper & Kadees, SplitJaw bridge clamps, USAT SD40 snow plow, USA Trains Modern Tank Cars and  Kadees, USAT 60' box car body mount factory vs. Kadee Couplers, LGB modern 50 foot box & Kadee 907s, LGB's American Standard Gauge 1/29 Scale Trucks & Mods for Car Lowering

Page 8 Aristo FA1-FB1 Lowered & Kadee 907s, USA Trains 70 ton Hopper - Repairs & Kadees, Upgrading Aristo-Craft Loco Motor Blocks from Sleeve to Ball Bearing, AML High-Cube Box Cars & Kadee Body Mounts, USA Trains American Series Woodside Reefer & Body Mount Kadee 789s, GP7/9 centerset couplers with 3d printed draft gear, USA Trains F3 experiences and Kadee centerset couplers


Check back often as Ted is "still in the business" of producing new vignettes.

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