QSI programming fixtures



Programming hardware setup

Below is a simple setup with a motor and speaker and the socket. I'm holding a connector that lets me use the speaker plug on the Revolution (by the "I" in QSI on the programmer dongle) or change to a couple of wires that let me screw in to the Titan terminals. Al this is on a small board, the speaker is in the top of a spray paint can.

 bench power2

A more sophisticated setup below. This one has a socket and also DIP headers to screw into Titans that have had their pins cut off. Notice that I have both speakers there to confirm programming between them.


At the front you can see the jack for power and the usb socket.

Inside, I just removed the programmer from it's housing to make an easier installation into the box, but you could leave it in the housing and just cut a bigger hole in the cigar box.


Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78