Scenery and Buildings

Just a list of manufacturers / suppliers with some comments


A nice way to cast building blocks and then use them to create buildings.

The product invented in England. The product was sold in 1986 to Axel Bretzler. There was an American distributor until 2004.

Then a rift occurred, the American distributor says they can still sell Jigstones molds, the European on says they are not authorized.

As far as I understand it, Train-Li is then exclusive U.S. distributor:

The copies of the original products were made by Linda Spencer, in Elbridge New York. ... Now there is still a supplier of those molds and some new ones they have made:


Al and Janice Lathrem
Lathrem Model Supplies
1750 W Tangerine Rd
Tucson, Az 8575
fax 520-575-8845


Update, seems Train-Li no longer carries the Jigstone product


they are sold in Europe, here's the site I could find:

George Schreyer has a very nice writeup on his site about using them:

Here's a nice site with lots of info their use, be sure to hit the menu in the upper left corner:  The 3 horizontal lines at the VERY top left.

Bragdon Enterprises

Huge selection of molds, and products and excellent technique to do rock faces. 

Korber Models

New in G scale in 2012, well, they apparently made this stuff before. They put nothing on their site about the actual scale, but from measuring door and windows, pretty conclusive that these are 1:24, which is very typical in buildings.

From them:
"In G scale we have several kits that are complete in finished goods, and will be available for sale in the next few weeks on our web site.  We additionally seem to have a nice stock of injection molded parts, so we expect to be able to continue to make those kits available, and perhaps expanded them as there seems to have been several configurations of the houses that could be offered. In addition to the parts stock we have the molds so we expect we can make more parts when needed if there is demand.  The injection molded kits we have so far are as follows.
573 Centerviille Station
575 trolly stop, coverd platfrom
576 Aunt Berthas
581 Elmer Station
600 Benches (2) 
We additionally have some of the poured urethane models available, these too will be for sale on our web site shortly.  There is limited stock of these, however we have the molds, and if there is demand we could make more, however this process (pouring molds) is also the process for much of the O scale items, so we will have some contention for time to make  them such that it will take a while before we can get more of the poured models available. The ones we will have available shortly will be.
568 Diesel Shed  
559 Speeder Shed
560 Red Barn
We additionally have some other poured molds in both complete and partial status.  We have more work to do to understand what is there.   We also have some parts that we could make available if you think there is a need.  These include windows and such that could be used for kit bashing and scratch building if you all see a need.
We have posted some of the G Scale benches on ebay , search for Korber Models and you can see them.  We can ship those now if anyone needs them."
Update: October 2016, Koerber models has been acquired:
Atlanta, Indiana and Milford, Ohio – Liz and Steve Nelson, owners of MrMuffin’sTrains formerly of Carmel, Indiana, announced today the purchase of the business assets of Korber Models, LLC and the business’ relocation to Atlanta, Indiana.
I was recently informed that Entertrainment Junction was selling a couple of the small buildings, will check it out.


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