QSI Product history



QSI has kept a series number of the hardware, so I will organize by that.

The firmware that can be used on hardware varies.

Firmware ids

There is the quantum 1 (Q1) (uses version 6 firmware) this uses a big square chip in a socket

Version 7 is Quantum or Quantum revolution

Version 8 is Titan

Version 9 is Titan with ET

Q1a -


titan came out about 2012, more memory, faster processor


Q3 (ho?) Titan technology


Hardware IDs

7000 - FX-U HO

7002 - FX-SD (small diesel? ho?)

7021 - FX-DO (O scale)

7022 - Titan-G (large scale)

4000 - q2 revolution / magnum (large scale)



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