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HP Spectre x360 no sound

no sound.... keeps happening, and says there is no hardware....

lots of suggestions, but the one that worked for me is to UNINSTALL the IntelĀ® Smart Sound Technology (IntelĀ® SST) OED device in device manager and be sure to check the box deleting the drivers. This has happened to me THREE times... thanks for nothing Microsoft !!! (that is where it comes from, windows updates)




Touchscreen monitors

I've been using the Acer 23 inch touchscreen monitors with great success.


It is a T232HL, but there are 2 versions, the

Abmjjz which has 2 hdmi, one vga, 

bmidz which has 1 dvi, 1 hdmi, 1 vga.

both have USB 3.0 for the touchscreen and the hub




Identifying the type of slot in a motherboard



Often confused, a simple way to discriminate between AGP and PCI Express is the pins, the top board is AGP and the bottom PCI Express.





32 bit

The standard 32 bit slot actually has a couple of variations. There will be a divider in the socket that is the first few pins. If the divider is near the edge of the mother board, that is 3.3 volt I/O signalling. If the divider is on the other end of the socket, that is 5 volt.

Many PCI cards now are made with 2 slots in the card, allowing use in either signalling type sockets.


The first attempt at 64 bit data transfer, it was about twice as long. This did not last long and was quickly supplanted by PCI-Express, although there is often confusion in terminology, since you will see PCI-X16 to mean PCI Express x16 speed, not PCI-X 64 bit.


PCI Express


Again in several flavors, although nowadays you only see the x16 slot and some x1 slots





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