Aristo 0-4-0 switcher


This little loco has been around for some time, often paired with a slope back tender.

There are original versions, and new versions. The original version is ART-21200, and the newer version is 212300.

I don't know what year the version change occurred, I have the new exploded diagram dated 1996

Original version 21200

The drivetrain is simple and cannot take a lot of load, and the wheels are famous for pitting and poor power pickup.


New version 21300

The 21300 version may have come out in 1996.

In late 2013, the unit was redesigned to a different drive mechanism, which is integrated to the chassis, a bit more robust, and the Aristo "socket" added to the tender.

The new style has a socket, for the first time, and it is in the tender.

There is a ribbon cable and a multi-pin connector between the tender and the loco, you can see the cable and the white connector in the picture below:

100 7607

Disassembly (original style)

(from a post by Shawn Fields on the Aristo forum)

 1. Remove the smoke stack and smoke unit...these get in the way of pulling the boiler off as you have to slightly tilt the boiler upward to remove it. Also pull the handrailing forward out of the cab....not alot just enough to clear the front of the cab.

2. Under the front of the boiler in front of the drivers is a single screw down inside a small recess right in the middle of the smokebox.

Note: You DO NOT have to remove the four screws that holds the cover for the drive train... .

3. Under the cab on either side is a set of screws that hold the cab in place...There are also a set of screws on the rear of the cab....

4. After all the screws are out lift the cab off the boiler.....If you have the the coal bunker on the back of yours you have to remove it as well...two more screws under the cab.

5. Now that the Cab is out of the way you can lift the boiler off the frame...but be sure to tilt it back from the smokebox.... you have to remove the hose that goes from the puffer to the smoke unit on the Fireman's side cylinders.....this hose is a monster to put back on when you reassemble the engine....

6. Once you get the boiler off you can see the wiring for the motor,headlight,firebox light and track pick-ups.


New Version

The new version picks up from the tender wheels as well as the drivers.

There are also now switches on the tender and loco that need to be set properly for the loco to run.


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