Cat Toys

OK, every cat is different. I get that, so what works for us, may not work for you.

Also, we're learning that your kitty may tire of one toy, and then want something different, and a month later, the "old" toy is fun again.


Computer "toys"

These are not really toys, but kitty will play with them.

I found some programs that run on Android, so I got a tablet for kitty.

Here's a list of programs:

  • Fish - Dmitsoft -
  • Fishy Cat toy - Lukeeys Apps -
  • game for cats -
  • meow: laser point for cat - VooApps
  • mouse - Dmisoft
  • pawme lite - Cloudcom S.L.
  • Friskies jitterbug - Friskies


Purrfect Post

Well known for their top of the line scratching posts and elevated perches, they have a great collection of toys:

We especially like "Da Bird" toy, never found a cat who does not love it:


Also the "Cat Charmer Rainbow", a long soft streamer of fuzzy multicolor fabric:




Greenheart B.A.D. Kitty Teasers

Unfortunately no web site, will try to get some pictures of their things.

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Handmade cat teasers.  Cat toys.  Cat related gifts for all cat lovers and their special cats.

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