GP7 speaker mounting

Seems that I am a lucky guy. A fellow Z scaler decided to also get into G scale, and he is very creative and he has a 3d printer.

Dave Stubbs has seen my method I used on my F3's where I ground off the mounting tabs and glued the speakers in place. He reasoned that the speakers that are behind the fans should have an enclosure, and he also wanted a much easier way to mount them.

Here's what he made and they work great!

For the speaker in the tank, the tank is so small, he simply made a mounting ring to fit in the tank with mounting holes for the Visiton FRS7 speaker:

The mount is curved to fit the tank bottom:








Due to clearances, and the fact that gravity is your friend, I just use 4 dabs of silicon rubber to hold the mount in place, and then used the 4 screws to mount the speaker.



Now to the speaker in the top of the locomotive.  First you mount the adapter ring to the inside of the shell, this bolts into the 3 mounting holes already in the shell.




Next you assemble the speaker enclosure, here are the parts for the next assembly. Make sure you thread the speaker wires through as shown:



Now you assemble the plate that the speaker will mount to, and will bolt to the adapter already in place. You have to do it in this order, as the 4 screws will not be accessible later, and one is covered by the speaker in the next step.



Now you can mount the speaker:



Now you position the assembly in the loco and bolt it to the adapter plate already in place:



Now you just bolt the bottom cover on, you see the groove on the speaker housing on the left side to let the wires through.




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