Phoenix Sound Systems


The documentation that comes with the P5 indicates it can have it's address set via the programming track, but the P5 is designed NOT to respond to the command station on the programming track, but it will still take the programming. The idea is so that the P5 can be wired along with another decoder.

Phoenix also says that the P5 will not properly support OPS mode on the main but it has worked for some people.

Here is a list of commands that appear to work:
CV     Description
1     Short Address
17     Long Address
18     Long Address
49     0=speed from triggers, non-zero=speed from DCC
50     Vstart
51     Momentum
52     Seconds to simulate if DCC is lost, 0=forever
53     Seconds in idle before shutdown, 0=never shutdown


New connector in 2010:

Phoenix did away with screw terminals and went to a push in connector. Yuck. It might turn out to be fine, but now when you need to connect several wires to the same terminal you need to twist them and solder them or it won't work right. A cost saving item where the cost saving was not passed to the user. (electronics should get cheaper, turns out that they are not progressing with the microprocessor to save money, so they are cutting corners elsewhere)





Some battery packs wired backwards:

Some battery packs come with the wires reversed in the connector. If yours looks like this, fix it or send it back before you plug it in!



P8   ter C1-1 and C1-2   Power
             C1-6 and C1-7   DCC
P5   ter  C1-1 and C1-2  Power + DCC
              C1-6 and C1-7  Alternate power