TE Revolution Tips

Nice set of tips on programming and operating, by Paul Norton:


Latching button for bell

 TE Button
 1 sound on/off - be sure to set to latched
 2 bell - momentary is default
 3 whistle/horn - momentary is default
 4 unassigned
 5 unassigned
 6 unassigned
 7 set volume high
 8 set volume medium
 9 set volume low
 0 cannot be used...


Firmware updates

It has been reported that when updating a Super Receiver (trackside) that you must disconnect the outputs first.

Fix for exploding transmitters

There have been issues with the Revolution transmitter flying apart when dropped. There is a "fix" that keeps the two halves of the case together. Thanks to Ed Headington for the pictures:

Original style - look at base of antenna, it has a "lip" in the case at the antenna base:

The Aristo modification/upgrade puts a little rubber "band" around this lip, thus securing the 2 halves of the case together:


Multiple transmitters accessing the same train.

If you have the same loco on a cab in more than one transmitter, then if transmitter "A" is running this loco, and someone with transmitter "B" scrolls "past" that loco (a cab that has that loco assigned), then the settings on transmitter "B" will override transmitter "A".

So, if you have more than one transmitter and you have a loco in each transmitter, make sure to "remove" the loco from one of the cabs on one transmitter otherwise you will have some interesting unexpected operation.



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