Kadee servo-driven coupler

In 2013, Kadee finall brought out there servo-driven remote control coupler.

The "system" is an RF transmitter (I believe early ones were intended to be IR), an RF receiver capable of driving 2 servos, and the 2 servos that operate 2 couplers.

In mid 2013, the product line was refined to allow you to buy the set, and the receivers and servos separately.

More importantly, in my opinion, is the selling of the couplers and servos themselves without the receiver.

The remote control consists of a chain that pulls the knuckle open. The coupler uses the old tried and true "draft gear with slack action", many of use know as the 830, now called the 910 gear box.

The product is available in the #1 scale and the "G" scale units. I'll be concentrating on the "G" scale ones.

Here is the link to their site: http://www.remoteuncoupling.com/index.htm

There are 2 variations, with the servo separately, which you mount somewhere in a car or locomotive and then make a linkage to connect to the coupler, or an all-in-one unit with the servo incorporated in the draft gearbox.

The picture below is the #11220 Actuated Body Mount Coupler with Gearbox (G-Scale)

I intend to buy a few soon and see how to mount on a yard switcher.


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