Bachmann Climax



As of 2016, there are 2 versions of this unusual geared locomotive. The first version was released about 1999 or earlier. A newer version with the socket was released about 2014 or earlier. The differences are that the newer one:

  • has the modified Aristo socket
  • the frame is longer
  • the bunker is longer
  • 4 wires from the truck to the chassis as opposed to 2
  • the electrical parts to bring the power from the trucks to the chassis have changed.


Removing fuel bunker

Pictures and procedure courtesy of TOC (Dave Goodson)

How the #@$! do you remove the bunker? See the 2 small valves in the front corners of the bunker?

climax 1


Lever them out carefully.

climax 2


 Hey, there are screws down there!

climax 3


 Lift the front edge of the bunker A LITTLE, you are NOT done yet, relax.

climax 4


 There's still 2 tabs holding it in place, you need to push them each forwards, but do NOT use a sharp blade, a thin putty knife, or a ground-down x-acto blade. Do each corner separately.

climax 5


Bingo! Thanks Dave!

climax 6


R/C wiring example:

Read this thread for an excellent example of an R/C installation in the version 2 Climax.

Pictures below courtesy of Tony Walsham:  RCS website: