Bachmann Climax



As of 2016, there are 2 versions of this unusual geared locomotive. The first version was released about 1999 or earlier. A newer version with the socket was released about 2014 or earlier. The only difference seems to be the socket.


Removing fuel bunker

Pictures and procedure courtesy of TOC (Dave Goodson)


How the #@$! do you remove the bunker? See the 2 small valves in the front corners of the bunker?

climax 1


Lever them out carefully.

climax 2


 Hey, there are screws down there!

climax 3


 Lift the front edge of the bunker A LITTLE, you are NOT done yet, relax.

climax 4


 There's still 2 tabs holding it in place, you need to push them each forwards, but do NOT use a sharp blade, a thin putty knife, or a ground-down x-acto blade. Do each corner separately.

climax 5



Bingo! Thanks Dave!

climax 6