MXULF / MXULFA Programmer



This is the usual way to program Zimo sound files.The MXULF / MXULFA ("A" has LCD display) can also act as a 2 amp command station, and can program CV's too. The unit can act as a standalone programmer by bring files into it with a memory stick. It can also be controlled by the ZSP software program, also used for downloading.

The board has a SUSI interface which dramatically speeds file loading (I will try to quantify this)

I finally bought one of these in 2021 the MXULFA with the display, the MXULF is obsolete, and now going to play with it. This page is on the MXULFA, no guarantee that everything posted here works on the MXULF.


The manual says you can supply either AC or DC, but if you have problems use DC. (Translation, AC supplies are unregulated, and voltage varies wildly under load, DC supplies are normally regulated (but not always) and also have filter caps in them that can supply power when the unit has varying and short term demands) So, use DC, and get a regulated supply.

DC power requirements are stated as 12-20v DC. The manual says minimum voltage is 16V dc if you want to program LS decoders. Also it says the unit can source up to 2 amps at 12 volts.

After talking to various people I went the way I thought in the first place, a 19v laptop power supply with over 2 amps capability. Regulated and should work well.

Note there is no polarity indicated on input connector, and you can see a full wave bridge of B360A Schottky diodes (0.55v forward drop)  near the connector, so polarity is definitely So

The manual also states that the system is internally regulated to 12 volts from the supply voltage. So the FW bridge drops 1.1 volts, so I'm guessing there is an internal switching regulator, since I don't see any heat sinks to allow a 2 amp series pass regulator.

General improvements

Well, the silkscreen is all in German, and a nice short manual on the back, all in German.

Power LED - Green > sufficient supply voltage, yellow means low supply voltage

Rail LED - Green > (zimo) decoder detected on "rails"

Access manual: 2020-07-28

Updating the MXULFA firmware

Works as in the manual, the LED blinks 3 different colors, no issues.



 get the ZSP software from the Zimo site and install it. (looks like the installation is in German).

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