This page is under construction. The information I have gathered here is a compendium of what I believe to be correct, and some information comes from the manufacturer. I intend to personally try one out, but until then this page has these caveats.

This appears to be one of the most popular non-DCC sound systems, and is inexpensive.


It has an interesting way of programming, to make things easy for non-technical users.




Diesel engine speed settings:

There are 4 "variations" on this sound:

  1. engine revs increase proportionally to the speed
  2. same as #1 but with gear changes for diesel mechanical locos
  3. this simulates selecting notch 5, so the revs increase to double tickover rate before the loco moves
  4. simliar to 3, but notch 8, where the revs increase to triple tickover rate before moving

Clearly, the "tickover rev rate" is adjustable, and for case 1 and 2, the user can set the rev rate limit while in motion

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