Misc. Aristo Electronics

I've listed other items that Aristo makes that are not really R/C devices.

5400 - Power and Controller

Small power supply with controller in one unit. 1.8 amps. 0-21v, 22 VA max. Pulse power output ONLY. At 22va, this has to put out under an amp. Throw this away unless you only use it for a small loco going slow. DO NOT use this to test large scale locomotives. This means you James!

art 5400

5401 - Controller

This is a "throttle" that given fixed DC as an input, produces a variable output and also has a reversing switch.

The early models handled 3.5 amps, the newer ones will handle 10 amps. (the box on the early one shows 5 amps combined outputs, not 5 amps PWM to the track)

Note: the 5401 generates PWM only, no "linear" DC.

Remember you need an external DC supply.

5460/55460 - "Ultima" - power supply

This is a unregulated DC power supply with basically an AC transformer, a rectifier, and a small filter capacitor. There is also an inaccurate amp meter.

The output voltage drops quite a bit according to load, from about 20 volts unloaded to 15-17 volts under full load. It is in a case identical to my old Sears battery charger.

The voltage may not be sufficient for all locos, most people standardize on 24 volts and regulated power supplies.

 55460 front

55460 back

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