NCE cables

 NCE DCC systems use several types of cables. The connectors on the cables are also commonly used on telephones and computer networks, but DO NOT just grab any similar looking cable to use!


First, from the NCE site:

1. Control Bus Cable

  • RJ-H connector
  • 4P4C - 4 "positions" with 4 Conductors
  • small connector that is the same size as what fits into the handset of an old landline phone, where the handset connected to the base.
  • 4 wire cable used between boosters and a command station.
  • Maximum length is 300 feet.

2. Cab Bus Cable

  • RJ12 connector
  • 6P4C - 6 Positions, but only center 4 have Conductors ( looks like "2 line" telephone cord)
  • 4 wire cable used for tethered cabs.
  • This is a regular Cab cable.
  • Can be flat or coiled. 
  • Maximum length is 40 feet.

3.  Cab Bus Cable

  • RJ12 connector
  • 6P6C - 6 Positions, all 6 conductors
  • A flat 6 wire cable used for the cab bus and for the Powercab
  • This cable carries full track power AND Cab bus when used with the Powercab.
  • The Flat 6 wire cable used for the Powercab is custom made to NCE specifications and only available thru NCE
  • Do not attempt to use any other cable. Any 4 or 6 wire cable you purchase from other vendors will not have the same size wires.
  • For other applications the maximum length is 40 feet.




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