Still one of the  great cigar brands, and the most counterfeited. Be careful! Smoke one or two, and smoke them down. You can often tell cheap counterfeits by the band not printed correctly.

More sophisticated counterfeits use real bands, stolen from the factory. You have to smoke a few to tell. Often, there is "good" tobacco in the beginning of the cigar, and junk further down.


Siglo 6

New size and shape, sort of a really fat corona.

The large ring gauge allows more leaves, and thus the opportunity for more flavor(s). They draw well, and it's a nice long smoke.

Not as intense as a Pyramid. They need aging, while many Cohibas can be smoked out of the box, I'd recommend aging at least several months first.

Try one, and if the flavor is kind of mild, and lacks character, never fear. Mine took about 3 months before they were worth smoking. I'd buy a few boxes and age the second box about 9 months to a year.



Esplendido (Long Churchill)

Pyramid (Belicoso)

Double Corona

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