Groundcovers - Miscellaneous


annual lavender sweet alyssum - lobularia maritima cultivar

Sea pinks - Ameria maritima

Lavender cotton - Santolina chamacyparissus

Hens-and-chicks - Sempervivum arachnoideum

Babys tears - soleirolia soleirolii

Tiny Rubies - Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Tiny Rubies' - tiny pink blooms

Abbey Snow ice plant - Delosperma aberdeenense 'Abbey Snow'- smallest ofthe hardy ice plants - white blossoms in summer

Creeping cotula - Cotula squalida - looks like tiny ferns - tiny flowers in early summer - likes shade

Creeping broom - Genista pilosa 'minor' - yellow flowers in may & june -likes sun



Check out Joint Fir, (Ephedra regeliana), small clumps 3" tall, could be takes as ocatillo, in summer produces bright red, matchhead-sized fruit scattered throughout the center of the clump. Cold hardy likes good drainage, drought tolerant.



Grey stone dianthus (Dianthus simulans 'Grey Stone') clump forming periennal plant, grows barely 2" tall, with minute, blue green leaves. It can produce small, pink spring flowers. A hardy plant, give it good drainage.


Another mounding grass type is Knawel cushion of Canbera grass (Scleranthus uniflorus). A native of New Zealand, grows in a tight cushion no more than 1" tall. More tolerant of sun and dry conditions than Scotch moss. Turns to the color of hay in the fall.




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