Electric vehicle notes


Why am I writing this:


I have now had 3 electric (battery only) vehicles, usually referred to as EVs.

There some good information out there, but the forums are just plain polluted with a bunch of bad information.

There is also what I call "Battery Angst", besides the more benign "Range Anxiety"

The worst thing I have found and fought is the proliferation of "experts" who just copy posts from others, quote sources that are not factual, or just make stuff up because they think they are smarter than someone trained in chemistry, physics, or electronics.

I'll be adding to this page with FACTUAL information, and tips for new EV owners


New (or about to be) owner "angst"

When EV's first came out (even just battery assisted hybrids), everyone was worried about battery life. The forums are polluted with people having anxiety about just about everything battery life, battery charging, and range.

Instead of asking questions, just go to the forum and READ other's actual results. Don't come on and ask "how far it will go" as your first post, you will get a mess and very little real data. Like all other forms of STUDY, you should STUDY, and READ first. The accumulated real experiences are more valuable than all the forum "super posters" that just like to see themselves on the screen.

How long will my battery last?



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