Aristo Crossover Configurations

Double Crossover with #6 switches

Notes: track to track spacing is 8.83 inches, 18" of straight track between switches.

This works very nicely with the number 6 switches, even though there is no addtional tangent (straight) track in the center.


Double Crossover with wide radius switches & 30 degree crossover

Note: you need to trim about 1.5 inches from either all 4 legs of the crossover, or from all the diverging legs of all 4 turnouts.

You need to cut a 9 inch straight to connect the turnouts. I calculate 8.63" center to center.

This is not going to be optimal for long cars due to the "S" curve you have created, so use the #6 switches if you can


The picture below is my original single crossover with 2 Aristo wide radius switches. It was not reliable.

This train was going right to left on the inner track. The first car "took" the crossover, but the rest of the cars failed to follow. The loco decoupled, but this is exactly what happened.

The front truck is not derailed, just on the wrong track! (The crossover is out of the picture behind the last car).


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