Modifying Emily to a Stirling


Detail items:

The most obvious parts to change are the smokebox face:


Smallbrook Studio

There is a kit of parts to convert from Smallbrook Studio in the UK, this is a picture with some of their parts fitted, notably the smokebox.


Metal side rods:

 A gentleman in the US (Marty Taylor) cast a metal side rod kit:




Jerry Barnes give me the following tips:

   Also, I had paint problems with the Emily, as did a guy in the UK. Rustoleum 2X green worked fine on the body, but I had mostly covered it with the metal duct tape. The rustoleum 2x black worked okay on the smoke box, but on the white plastic in front it just spread out, big round holes in the paint. I rubbed it off quickly with paint thinner and tried a couple of other spray cans, Krylon was one, did not work. Tried one shot sign paint with a brush, but nope. Finally used water base Model Master Acryl in a bottle. Used a good sign painting brush, and that worked okay.

Jeremy, in the UK did:

I to had serious problems with the Paint on the smoke box and running boards, the paint or plastic that Bachman used seemed to react with every thing I tried. In the end I rubbed the whole thing down with wet and dry, filled any imperfections with Revell plastic model filler and then sprayed the model with automotive acidic etch primer used for GRP and other rigid plastics, you can get this from auto part stores over here, its used to prime plastic fenders. I then finished using a silk acrylic Black.





More detail items:





Below are the ones that Jerry modified by adding wood:

 Coach 1 (Medium)


The standard Bachmann ones that are supposed to go with "Emily":


>>Working on the coaches at the moment, have modified the 6 wheel Emily

>>ones to more of a GNR pattern, fitted interior, painted in a wood

>>finish, new roof not glued on yet, moved the axle supports to the

>>under side of the chassis, this raises the buffer height so they line

>>up with the Loco and look more prototypical.

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