This page will be my cheat sheet to have all the CVs in one place. When I get the "official" TCS documents, they are either not comprehensive, or have weird language like:

"Not all CV's listed on this page are supported by TCS, and not all supported CV's are universally supported by all products. For example, RailCom configurations, lighting output assignment, and other features which require hardware support may not be applicable to your decoder. Pay special attention to the CV Addendums for your specific decoder. If you are unsure what your decoder is, you can read CV 249 the Decoder Hardware Model Identifier. If you are unsure if your decoder supports a feature, visit the specific product page for your decoder on TCS' Website for a full list of features."


What the hey? That paragraph looks fine to a newbie, until you look for the documentation, and you find only ONE "comprehensive programming guide" for all decoders. I'm not doing this because I want to, I'm doing it to be able to use them dangit!



CV 1Short Address (2-Digit Address) 
CV 2Start Volts (Vstart / "Boost") 
CV 3Acceleration Rate 
CV 4Deceleration Rate 
CV 5Top Volts (Vhigh / Limit) 
CV 6Mid Volts (Vmid) 
CV 7Manufacturer Version Number 
CV 8Manufacturer ID 
CV 9[Not Supported] Total PWM Period 
CV 10BEMF Cutout 
CV 11Packet Time 
CV 12Power Source Conversion 
CV 13DC Mode Function Status F1-F8 
CV 14DC Mode Function Status F0 & F9-F12 
CV 15Decoder Lock (Key) 
CV 16Decoder Lock (Lock) 
CV 17Extended "Long" Address (High Byte) 
CV 18Extended "Long" Address (Low Byte) 
CV 19Consist Address 
CV 20(Reserved by NMRA) 
CV 21Consist Function Control (F1-F8) 
CV 22Consist Function Control (F0 & F9-F12) 
CV 23Consist Acceleration Adjustment 
CV 24Consist Deceleration Adjustment 
CV 25Speed Table Selection 
CV 26(Reserved by NMRA) 
CV 27Decoder Automatic Stopping Configuration 
CV 28RailCom Configuration have not fully decoded it
CV 29Configuration Data #1 note the Railcom bit
CV 30Error Information 
CV 31Indexed CV High Byte 
CV 32Indexed CV Low Byte 
CV 33F0F Remapping (0-6) 
CV 34F0R Remapping (0-6) 
CV 35F1 Remapping (0-6) 
CV 36F2 Remapping (0-6) 
CV 37F1 Remapping (7-12) 
CV 38F2 Remapping (7-12) 
CV 39F3 Remapping (0-6) 
CV 40F4 Remapping (0-6) 
CV 41F3 Remapping (7-12) 
CV 42F4 Remapping (7-12) 
CV 43F5 Remapping (0-6) 
CV 44F6 Remapping (0-6) 
CV 45F5 Remapping (7-12) 
CV 46F6 Remapping (7-12) 
CV 47[Not Used] 
CV 48[Not Used] 
CV 49F0F Lighting Effect 
CV 50F0R Lighting Effect 
CV 51F1 Lighting Effect 
CV 52F2 Lighting Effect 
CV 53F3 Lighting Effect 
CV 54F4 Lighting Effect 
CV 55F5 Lighting Effect 
CV 56Dither Frequency 
CV 57Dither Amplitude 
CV 58F6 Lighting Effect 
CV 59[Not Used] 
CV 60[Not Used] 
CV 61Configuration Data #2 
CV 62[Not Used] 
CV 63Ditch Light Blink Holdover Time 
CV 64"Constant Dim #1" Brightness Level 
CV 65[Not Used] 
CV 66Forward Trim 
CV 67Speed Table Step 1 
CV 68Speed Table Step 2 
CV 69Speed Table Step 3 
CV 70Speed Table Step 4 
CV 71Speed Table Step 5 
CV 72Speed Table Step 6 
CV 73Speed Table Step 7 
CV 74Speed Table Step 8 
CV 75Speed Table Step 9 
CV 76Speed Table Step 10 
CV 77Speed Table Step 11 
CV 78Speed Table Step 12 
CV 79Speed Table Step 13 
CV 80Speed Table Step 14 
CV 81Speed Table Step 15 
CV 82Speed Table Step 16 
CV 83Speed Table Step 17 
CV 84Speed Table Step 18 
CV 85Speed Table Step 19 
CV 86Speed Table Step 20 
CV 87Speed Table Step 21 
CV 88Speed Table Step 22 
CV 89Speed Table Step 23 
CV 90Speed Table Step 24 
CV 91Speed Table Step 25 
CV 92Speed Table Step 26 
CV 93Speed Table Step 27 
CV 94Speed Table Step 28 
CV 95Reverse Trim 


(Reserved by NMRA) 
CV 105User Identification #1 
CV 106User Identification #2 


(Reserved by NMRA) 
CV 112Mars/Gyra "Low" Brightness Level 
CV 113Mars/Gyra Max Brightness Duration 
CV 114Mars/Gyra Full Cycle Duration 
CV 115Mars/Gyra "Mid" Brightness Level 
CV 116Mars/Gyra "Maximum" Brightness Level 
CV 117Blinking Ditch Light Alternation Rate 
CV 118Rotary Beacon "Minimum" Brightness 
CV 119Rotary Beacon "Max" Brightness Duration 
CV 120Rotary Beacon Full Cycle Duration 
CV 121Rotary Beacon "Mid" Brightness Level 
CV 122Rotary Beacon "Maximum" Brightness 
CV 123Manual Rule17 Dimming Button Remapping (0-6) 
CV 124Flashing Ditch Light Button Remapping (0-6) 
CV 125Variable Momentum Decel. Rate #2 End Speed 
CV 126Variable Momentum Deceleration Rate #2 
CV 127Variable Momentum Decel. Rate #3 End Speed 
CV 128Variable Momentum Deceleration Rate #3 
CV 129Variable Momentum Accel. Rate #2 Start Speed 
CV 130Variable Momentum Acceleration Rate #2 
CV 131Variable Momentum Accel. Rate #3 Start Speed 
CV 132Variable Momentum Acceleration Rate #3 
CV 133

& 134

[Not Used] 
CV 135"Random Flicker #1" Flicker Speed 
CV 136

& 137

[Not Used] 
CV 138Brake Lights On Time 
CV 139Brake Button Remapping (0-6) 
CV 140

& 141

"Single Pulse Strobe #1" Configuration 
CV 142

& 143

"Single Pulse Strobe #2" Configuration 
CV 144

& 145

"Flashing Light" Configuration 
CV 146

- 151

"Double Pulse Strobe" Configuration 
CV 152"Random Flicker #2" Flicker Speed 
CV 153"Constant Dim #2" Brightness Level 
CV 154"Constant Dim #3" Brightness Level 
CV 155"Constant Dim #4" Brightness Level 
CV 156Forward Headlight Dimness 
CV 157Reverse Headlight Dimness 
CV 158

- 176

[Not Used] 
CV 177BEMF Algorithm Responsiveness 
CV 178BEMF Algorithm "High Speed" Sample Rate 
CV 179BEMF Algorithm "Low Speed" Sample Rate 
CV 180[Not Used] 
CV 181BEMF Algorithm "Critical Speed Step" 
CV 182Configuration Data #3 
CV 183Brake Deceleration Rate 
CV 184Brake Deceleration Rate #2 (WOWSound) 
CV 185Brake Deceleration Rate #3 (WOWSound) 
CV 186Brake Deceleration Rate #4 (WOWSound) 
CV 187Brake Deceleration Rate #5 (WOWSound) 
CV 188[Not Used] 
CV 189[WOWDiesel] Dynamic Brakes Min Speed 
CV 190[WOWDiesel] Dynamic Brakes Decel. Rate 
CV 191[WOWDiesel] Dynamic Brakes Speed Decrease 
CV 192

- 247

[Not Used] 
CV 248[WOWSound] Sound Set Version Number* 
CV 249Decoder Hardware Model Identifier 
CV 250Month of Manufacture 
CV 251Day of Manufacture 
CV 252Year of Manufacture 
CV 257

- 512

NMRA Indexed CV Working Area 
CV 513

- 891

(Reserved by NMRA) 
CV 892[Not Supported] Decoder Load 
CV 893[Not Supported] Dynamic Flags 
CV 894[Not Supported] Fuel/Coal Level 
CV 895[Not Supported] Water Level 
CV 896

- 1024

[Not Supported] SUSI Sound & Function Modules 
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