Slingbox & Slingplayer

Quick note:


If your slingbox "dies", it can be a couple of problems.


I have the Solo and the Pro HD units.

My Pro unit just went away... power light on, nothing else (network, or inverted horshoe logo lights)


I tried reset, which, according to slingmedia, is hold the reset button for 5 seconds, the lights blink and then it's reset.


Nothing. Then read up and some people found they had faulty power supplies. I had measured 5 volts from the power supply and the lights went on so that did not make sense, but I swapped out the power supply.

Now pressing the reset button for 5 seconds makes the network light blink once, then go out, and then the horeshoe starts it's animation (like a marquee chase light setup).

Still nothing... it would then every so often have the network light on, and then alternate with a full on horseshoe display.


I was able to get the setup program to see it, but then it would go away during the setup process.


Finally I figured out a couple of things:

1. make sure your video inputs are plugged in and active (and into the "IN" jacks

2. make sure your network connection is connected and endure you have a link light from whatever it is connecte to.

3. now press reset, and HOLD, the network light will blink, keep holding until the "horeshoe" light animation starts.


This did it for me... reading the other forums I was a dead duck.


by the way, I set static ip addresses and set my two units to different ports, so if I want to connect to them myself (without the service), then it's easy to have my router connect to either depending on the port I select.


I also set up the static addresses so that I add a "local" connection to my directory with the ip address, it hooks up faster.

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