Scratching Posts & other scratchers

Scratching posts

I did a bit of research, and have come to the conclusion that a more even surface is better for the cats, so woven fabric is preferred over the more common sisal rope. In terms of fabric, the only thing that seems to hold up over time is sisal fabric.

There is also apparently a synthetic sisal out, but it's plastic, and seems to have loops, so I have not heard good things.

Another material that is good, but needs to be considered disposable is corrugated cardboard, cut on the angle so you see the corrugations. You will get a pit of mess from the small bits of carboard, but it is inexpensive and gives kitty an alternative.

Purrrfect Post:

After having these a while, they are definitely our favorite. The person who developed this is a vet who also has her doctorate degree, and she developed these because she was not satisfied with what was available.

We liked the looks right off, with the choices for different color wood trim, different color sisal, and different options for the "crows nest" top.

After having them for a while we also realized that the heavy construction along with the wide base is very important, as our ragdoll is no longer a small kitty, and he runs  at the post and then runs up it to the top. A lighter post and/or a smaller base would actually fall over.



They use a sisal fabric, available in different colors, with wood trim, also available in different colors. Notice that the bases have the fabric also. Very nice. $70 for the 32" post with the fabric on the base at left, $170 for the large diameter with the bed on top, to $200 for the "Purrfect View" on the right.

We purchased the standard color sisal, (not the golden one, and not the dark olive green)\

On the "crows nest" there are choices of: light brown (Capuchino), dark brown, and leopard spots. 

We got both colors for the base, to match the furniture in that room. I have to admit that we now have 5 of them in the house, and the good news is nothing else is scratched at all.


We also just took possession of the "Purrfect Angle" scratcher, shown below. It comes with replacable, inserts, you can order either cardboard or sisal fabric. Kitty just got it last night, so will report back, but again, it looks like a piece of furniture, so it can be left out in our house wherever we need it.

angle prod

Sisal Rugs Direct:

They sell sisal fabrics, and 3 differenty weaves and many colors. They also have cat products:


32" post is $54, a good price, although no wood trim.

sisal rugs post


They also have an interesting 30" ramp and perch combination for $150:

sisal rugs ramp

Nice that it is sisal on all sides

free shipping on everything

Other scratchers

The ones made from recycled cardboard are reasonable in price and can be thrown away when they start looking "ratty"

This one from Petfusion



20170403 175507


 Inexpensive disposable scratchers.


Have been using the CatIt scratchers from Chewy


originally they were 8-5/8" wide and 19-3/8 overall long.

Just ordered 3 more in 2023, and they are smaller ,7-1/4" wide and 17-1/2 inch long,

not only are they an inch and a half narrower and almost 2 inches shorter, they are also falsely advertised as 7.5" wide. Also recent reviews state they don't last as long.

Very disappointed in Catit and Chewy, will start looking for BETTER quality and company. The dang thing is so cheap, why couldn't they just addd a few cents to the price. Makes me distrust Catit, and will more closely examine any products they sell.



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