Specifics on different DCC systems and hardware

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Well, there are many things that are important in picking a system. Unfortunately, a lot of the decisions made by newcomers is based on the throttle appearance and size. So rather than fight it, I'll put the sexy stuff first.

From left to right, A dollar bill, Zimo, Massoth, LGB 55016, LGB 55015, and NCE ProCab.

In choosing a DCC system you need to consider the entire system, how it works, how expandable it is, cost, compatibility, and yes, how much you like the throttle.


I'm over 50, and farsighted, so the larger the characters on the screen the better for me, because I don't wear glasses except for closeup stuff. 

Note: this is not about screen size, it's about how large the characters are on the screen. You can have a big screen full of tiny letters and it's not for me.

I also have been involved in the design of consumer electronics for a long time, and I have learned a lot about how to make a good system, the tradeoff between the number of buttons and the number and levels of menus.

I've listed several manufacturers' equipment here, and my experiences with them.

I always recommend NCE in terms of price/performance.

The European systems are full of features, often unique to just their decoders, and have more complex displays. I gave up my beloved NCE system for a Zimo system, which has unique features but is hard as heck to see in sunlight (color OLED high resolution touchscreen, each feature a strike against sunlight readability!!)







Notes on higher power boosters:

15 amp booster by Gallus, but the web site seems to be gone: http://www.modellbahn-gallus.de/

There is/was a 20 amp booster, max voltage 22 volts: http://www.perandones.ch/index.asp?inc=artikel


DCC Manufacturer ID table:

1: CML Electronics Limited

2: Train Technology

11: NCE Corporation

12: Wangrow

13: Public Domain & Do-It-Yourself Decoders

14: PSI - Dynatrol

15: Ramfixx Technologies (Wangrow)

17: Advanced IC Engineering, Inc.

18: JMRI

19: AMW

20: T4T - Technology for Trains GmbH

21: Kreischer Datentechnik

22: KAM Industries

23: S Helper Service

24: MoBaTron.de

25: Team Digital, LLC

26: MBTronik - PiN GITmBH

27: MTH Electric Trains, Inc.

28: Heljan A/S

29: Mistral Train Models

30: Digsight

31: Brelec

32: Regal Way Co. Ltd

33: Praecipuus

34: Aristo-Craft

35: Elektronik & Modell Produktion

36: DCCConcepts

37: NAC Services, Inc.

38: Broadway Limited Imports, LLC

39: Educational Computer, Inc (DCCdevices.com)

40: KATO Precision Models

41: Passmann Modellbahnzubehoer

42: Digirails

43: Ngineering


45: ANE Model Co., LTD.

46: GFB Designs

47: Capecom

48: Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

49: Joka Electronic

50: N & Q Electronics

51: DCC Supplies, Ltd

52: Krois-Modell

53: Rautenhaus Digital

54: TCH Technology

55: QElectronics GmbH

56: LDH

57: Rampino Elektronik

58: KRES GmbH

59: Tam Valley Depot

60: Bluecher-Elektronik

61: TrainModules

62: Tams Elektronik GmbH

63: Noarail

64: Digital Bahn

65: Gaugemaster

66: Railnet Solutions, LLC

67: Heller Modenlbahn

68: MAWE Elektronik

69: E-Modell

70: Rocrail

71: New York Byano Limited

72: MTB Model

73: The Electric Railroad Company

74: PpP Digital

75: DigiTools Electronics Servicing and Contractor Ltd.

76: Auvidel

77: LS Models Sprl

78: Tehnologistic (train-O-matic) ROM
79: Hattons Model Railways UK
80: Spectrum Engineering US
81: GooVerModels BEL
82: HAG Modelleisenbahn CHE
83: JSS-Elektronic DE
84: Railflyer Model Prototypes, Inc.  C

85: Uhlenbrock Elektronik GmbH

86: Wekomm Engineering, GmbH

87: RR-CirKits

88: HONS Model 1011000 0x58 88 HKG
89: Pojezdy.EU 1011001 0x59 89 CZE
90: Shourt Line 1011010 0x5A 90 US
91: Railstars Limited 1011011 0x5B 91 US
92: Tawcrafts 1011100 0x5C 92 UK
93: Kevtronics cc 1011101 0x5D 93 ZAF
94: Electroniscript, Inc. 1011110 0x5E 94 US

95: Sanda Kan Industrial (1981) Ltd.

96: PRICOM Design

97: Doehler & Haas

98: Harman DCC

99: Lenz Elektronik GmbH

100: Trenes Digitales

101: Bachmann Trains

102: Integrated Signal Systems

103: Nagasue System Design Office

104: TrainTech

105: Computer Dialysis France

106: Opherline1 1101010 0x6A 106 FR
107: Phoenix Sound Systems, Inc.

109: Viessmann Modellspielwaren GmbH

110: AXJ Electronics

111: Haber & Koenig Electronics GmbH

112: LSdigital

113: QS Industries

114: Benezan Electronics

115: Dietz Modellbahntechnik

116: MyLocoSound

117: cT Elektronik

118: MÜT GmbH

119: W. S. Ataras Engineering

120: csikos-muhely

123: Massoth Elektronik, GmbH

125: ProfiLok Modellbahntechnik GmbH

127: Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.

129: Digitrax

131: Trix Modelleisenbahn

132: ZTC Controls Ltd.

133: Intelligent Command Control

135: CVP Products

139: RealRail Effects

141: Throttle-Up (Soundtraxx)

143: Model Rectifier Corp.

145: Zimo Elektronik

147: Umelec Ing. Buero

149: Rock Junction Controls

151: Electronic Solutions Ulm GmbH & Co KG

153: Train Control Systems

155: Gebr. Fleischmann GmbH & Co.

157: Kuehn Ing.

159: LGB (Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk)

161: Modelleisenbahn GmbH (formerly Roco)

163: WP Railshops

165: Model Electronic Railway Group

170: AuroTrains

173: Arnold - Rivarossi

186: brAWA Modellspielwaren GmbH & Co.

204: Con-Com GmBHs

225: Elproma Electrounics Poland

238: NMRA reserved



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  ESU    Lenz    LGB (MTS)    MERG 
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  Pricom    QSI 
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