G scale stuff for sale

email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or offers. No reasonable offer refused, but please make them reasonable!


LGB "show car" 44843

I had a friend ask me to pick up one of these at one of the last Queen Mary shows out here in Long Beach, California. I bought 2 of them and kept one. It has never been opened and it still has the original cardboard sleeve around it (removed for the picture)

Make me a reasonable offer.


SoundTraxx "Sierra" sound cards.

I have a friend who was a dealer for SoundTraxx and he recently found a box of new Sierra boards. If you are interested I will connect you with him.
They are all factory new, unopened boxes except the first one.

831027 SD40 Nathan M3, opened, no speaker, antistatic bag still sealed.
831038 GE Dash 9 Nathan P3
2) 831028 GP30 Nathan P3
831014 ALCO RS3 Wabco E2
831010 PA Leslie S3
831023 SD40 Nathan K3


He also has some chips by themselves. He wants $125 for the opened box, $150 for the unopened boxes




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