Greg's Zimo system cheat sheet

 Turning on/off

Adding/selecting locos

function buttons

accessory control


When entering programming mode (service mode, or POM with railcom) you can get basic information on the top right of the screen:

  • RailComm Yes or No (if yes, will also identify if B(roadcast) or D(ata) or both
  • two numbers below, the first is the manufacturer ID CV 8 (145 for zimo), and the second is the Zimo decoder type (CV250)
  • The "Version xx.yy" where xx is the software version number (CV 7) and yy is the sub version (CV 65)
  • Then s/n XXXX.YYYY.YYYY.YYYY  where XXXX is the Zimo decoder type and YYYYYYYYYYY is the serial number of the decoder




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