GNR Stirling single trains


This page is under construction. I've found the history fascinating and the details of the carriages just something else.


I'm amassing information, and then how to build a train that is pretty close in appearance.

Stirling prototype:



Prototype carriages:


Here is a good reference book on the prototype: 'The Stirling Singles' by K.H. Leech & M.G. Boddy 

 : (note his coaches are more of the "Clarabelle" color than the "Emily" color. Clik for a thread on about this:


Some history:  Stirling was the son of the man who invented the Stirling heat cycle engine.


Where to buy:

Coach kits:


Smallbrook studio annabelle and clarabelle kits:

S duckets: (side extensions)'g'-scale-annie-clarabell-and-emily-coach-brake-duckets/11171972



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