Aristo U25B Mods and Tips

Changing the pivot points for better operation

Courtesy of Ben Greeninger
  • I  didn't have to take the steps off the body.
  • Take the side hand rails off, take engine off and engine mount, take long hood screws out and remove long hood,
  • being careful of the wire for lights.
  • Remove the pieces from the top of the engine mount.
  • On top of engine are 3 little posts. You need the center one, I removed the other two.
  • Put back the first piece, the circle with the hole in middle of it .
  • Put a little white plastic compatible grease around post and a screw and washer.
  • Next, put the piece with the roller bearings back on top with the 2 screws.  This should be ready to put back in.
  • Put some Silicone clear caulk between engine mount and floor,  just enough to keep it from moving when dry. Make sure the engine mount is centered, this will keep mount from shifting when caulk is dry.
  • Put the 2 washer and screws back in and don't over tighten. I used silicone caulk because if I need to take  apart for some reason , it will be easier than glue.
  • Use the same routine for the other engine mount. Take the cab and short hood off and go from there 
  • pictures 1-2 and 3 show how to put engine mount back together.

Running tips

Several people have posted problems with the loco derailing.

One power axle "floats" and the other is fixed in the motor block. Several people have posted that swapping the trucks around so that the "floating" axles are at the ends of the loco helps, by acting as sort of a "pilot".

If you do this, you will also need to reverse the wiring for the head and tail light, which will now light at the wrong end.


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