4-6-4 Hudson

OK, I finally bought one, waited until I got a good price, $2,700 was not worth it to me.

Packed really well, in a wooden box with 2 pull out shelves, the tender and the loco are screwed to the shelves with two long allen screws from underneath.

There are contoured expanded foam pieces that encase both sides of the tender and loco.

 hudson in box








Now I need to figure how to get them open.

I removed the leading truck to get to one screw in the front and removed four (should only be 2) fairly obvious screws at the rear and the boiler lifted straight up. You will need to unplug the smoke & light connections to set the boiler out of your way to

Headlight is 5V, Markers are 3V,

You will have to remove the front truck to gain access to the one screw with a big head in the middle of the cylinders under the smoke stack. There are two more screws with big heads under the cab. Then the whole superstructure assembly simply lifts off. Be very careful when removing it as the wires to cab light are barely long enough and were easy to rip out. When the boiler top is off locate the plug from the loco track pick ups and removed it from the pcb. Seen here in the middle of the picture.

The issues I have run into with the USA hudson is that the large gear cover under the engine, untill I used lock tight on it it kept comming loose and letting the gear slip....but when I used the lock tight...no problem.
The tender does not like tight curves or any imperfections...I had 10' switches and the tender didn't like them so I switched to the Ys' and problem solved! But the plug from the tender to the engine is a pain......
AND recently one of the valve gear screws came off.....so when I replaced it I used lock tight on ANY screws on the engine, so as not to have that happen again....the blue lock tight, or the one for plastic...but NEVER the red!


Need to get schematic

Find out chuff switch design, 

left side switches:

hudson left switches

Right side switches:

hudson right switches

 DCC Install

I bought this Hudson used (thanks Nick!) and it has a Zimo MX695?? installed by Train LI

This section will have unique / customized settings here, go to the Zimo Decoder Tips page for general stuff on the 695

CV28 = 3 (all RailComm on - Broadcast + Data)

CV250 = 227 (MX695 rev. C)

CV251-253 = 88 (serial number)

CV 7 and CV 65 = 34.00 software version 34, sub version 00

CV260-263 = 184, 207, 216, 164 = special code to allow Hudson file to be reloaded


 Mapping function keys to sounds

cv300 > 111

2 & 3 inc through indiv snd


5 & 6inc through sounds

4 clear

9 writes


111 input 1  


Function mappings:

F5 servo for coupler

F6 smoke -


cv 137-139 smoke control  but only cv60 is zero...

cv 114 don't dim function 6 ...


cv132 needs 72  - steam smoke control of motor (80 diesel control)

cv 267 is chuffs per revolution..



 132  72

137  0   50 75 100

138 0

139 0

114  128






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