Characteristics of tobacco

· Brazil - Mild to heavy, dark, spicy
· Cameroon - medium bodied & spicy
· Canary Islands - Mild & clean, light in flavors
· Cuba - medium to full-bodied; strong, spicy, earthy flavors, complex flavors..
· Dominican Republic - mostly mild to medium bodied; smooth & delicate with a clean finish to full-bodied
· Ecuador - mild to medium-bodied; light; slightly earthy.
· Honduras - medium to full-bodied, full-flavored & spicy; earthy and complex - robust flavor most similar to Cubans
· Indonesia - mild to medium-bodied; can range from smooth & light to richer, spicier flavors
· Jamaica - very mild & delicate
· Mexico - all ranges from very mild to overpowering and bitter, some more goos smoke coming from here.
· Nicaragua - medium to full bodied, smooth and flavorful with some sweetness, nutmeg/cinnamon, almost as complex as cuban, with nearly the same kind of quality
· Philippines - mild and slightly salty
· United States - can be rich & full-bodied

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