X10 system stuff


Good link on X10 stuff, with reference to the ACT CR230 repeater


TI103 controller notes

The TI103 was supposed to be a super controller.

Dip switches

1 – off – require valid checksum from hose (on = checksum override)

2 – off – accept x10 start code w/o valid start of message (I assume off is the reverse)

3 – off – std sensitivity (on = lower sensitivity)

4 – off – transmit 4 times (on = unlimited retry)

5 – off polite mode collision avoidance (on = rude mode does not monitor line for collisions)

6 – off transmit at zero degrees (on for 0, 60, 120)

7 – on for 60 hz (manual says leave off for 50 hz)

8 – off – 9600 baud (on for 19,200)



Insteon controller 2412N

I also have been experimenting with a lower cost system for my Dad. I did not want to spend $400 for the controller and software since he only has a few things to control, and no sophisticate programming requirements.

I found the Insteon controller with an Ethernet interface so the "software" is built in, and all you need is a we browser. The ads say will run X10. Also. Well, not true! There is an X10 manual on/off part, but all the programming is Insteon, i.e. you have to push the button on the Insteon device, and then the controller "Reads" the id of the device and then you can program it.

I was pretty po'd and researched the device to find many other people in the same boat.

I was messing around with it and noticed that there was the ability to customize the Insteon command on one page. Weird, there was an example of an X10 command!!

I started looking at the example codes, and detected a pattern in them, but it was really weird.

Here was the command: X10 A1A On command:           02636600P102636280

There were no hex digits, and what the hell was the P?

After researching  X10 commands on the web, I found that there is a 2 stage command, first the address, then the on or off or dim..

Looking at that number again:  I put in some blanks:         0263 6600 P1 0263 6280

How about assuming that P1 is a pause of duration 1? Sure enough, some of the documentation mentioned there might need to be a pause between the 2 commands.

Also, this 0263 looked like a command header.

I started researching the codes for the 1-16 and the A-P used for addressing an X10 item:

 A1 6                  
 B 2 E                  
 C 3 2                  
 D 4 A                  
 E 5 1                  
 F 6 9                  
 G 7 5                  
 H 8 D                  
 I 9 7                  
 J 10 F                  
 K 11 3                  
 L 12 B                  
 M 13 0                  
 N 14 8                  
 O 15 4                  
 P 16 C                  

 Yes, I know, the encoding is crazy. There are several theories, but the codes were picked to make the protocol work better.

So now things seemed to make sense:

 X10 A1A On command:           0263 6600 P1 0263 6280
                                    ^^---||-------|------- A1
                                         ^^-------|------- pause
                                                  ^------- on

                               0263 6600 P1 0263 6380
                                                  ^------- off

                               0263 6700 P1  02636280

A2 on/off                      02636E00P102636280

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