USAT Prototype QSI units


There is a new plug and play decoder in the works from QSI. Since USAT locos do not have a socket, QSI has made a system that  replaces the entire USAT main board, where everything plugs "to".

If you have a USAT loco, you know that there are 4 slide switches under the loco for smoke, lights, motor, and sound. The QSI system replaces these completely. The picture below is a shot of the bottom of the QSI USAT board:

The board is actually in 2 parts, mostly for space considerations, but I'm also guessing to give a more modular approach. The side view below shows this. The module on top is NOT the same as the current production single-board Aristo system.

Looking at the view below (and all the other pictures) you can see how QSI made it "fit" all the different variations of connectors and power levels on the USAT locos, there are a number of different connectors.

Installation consists of unplugging the motor, track, lights and smoke connectors from the stock USAT board, removing the board (2 screws), and installing the new board.

You receive a sheet that tells you where to plug the headlights, smoke unit, and trucks. In the picture below, you can read the white silkscreening on many of the connectors.

For comparison, the picture below shows a stock USAT main board. The picture does not show all the connectors, but be assured that there is a connector to EVERY lead that you see connected to the stock board:

The picture below shows the system installed in a USAT loco. It may be hard to make out, but the red and black wire in the upper right is the smoke unit, bottom and lower right (just to left of the large plastic boss) are two 4-pin connectors, one red, one green, that go to the trucks (notice the jst connectors in the bottom left?). The lights are in the bottom center, yellow & green, and black and white.


Notes on my testing of prototype units:

***need*** to update with new PID's

N&W GP7 #2709

fw version 0.0.4
prod# 1025
build date 6-19-2007
hw profile 4000
sound set 0


BNSF 38-2 #2260

fw version 0.0.39
prod# 1014
build date 12-09-2006
hw profile 4000
sound set 0

Speed control:


Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78