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Cost-saving ideas for NCE systems

 First off is the WFD30-WFD31 products. If you wanted wifi/cell phone throttles (apps on IPhones and Android) to your NCE system, you had to add:

  1. A WiFi router
  2. A computer running JMRI and connected by Ethernet to your WiFi router (the program can receive the commands from the cell phones)
  3. An NCE USB box which connects the computer USP to the NCE CAB Bus.


Then you added a controller (software) that could understand



The first product I noticed was the single board solution to allow a JMRI type wireless interface to an NCE system. A single board that interfaces to an NCE system and has the wifi and the smarts to control the DCC system via one of the JMRI-compatible cell phone apps. (Engine Driver for Android) Only $110!!





Soon to come: a replacement PCP panel that has the WDF30 in it. This provides the same Wi-Fi capability as the WFD-30 but also provides the PCP capability of routing the Power Cab to the track and a place to plug in the Power Cap Power supply.


WFD 31


There is also a combination wifi receiver and 5 amp booster available, although voltage may be limited to 15 volts.

This is the WFD-27







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