P. H. Hobbies

P.H. Hobbies made many different sound boards, some direct sell, some OEM.Paul Housey was the owner of the company. P H Hobbies, Inc., 6861 T Dr. S. , Athens,   Michigan 49011 was founded in 1986. Phone Number: 517-741-4221, Fax Number: 517-741-4136

Prices for their products ranged from $60 to $310 (old Walthers catalog)

I've put a few of them here on the web site, to help identify the models.

I have been collecting wiring notes as I go. I may have the wiring for yours, just drop me an email.

 Any pictures of different units, or model numbers or corrections is appreciated.










S3003S a






 ph s4004


Ro S4004 pcb


S4005  zoomed 1





 who knows





 I got a P. H. Hobbies sound system in the 2-10-2 I got from Rex Ammerman. This board was made somewhere after the 19th week in 1990.


 Right now I'm just documenting the wiring connections.


There is a connector right by the 4 diodes by the end of the board away from the IC's

calling pin 1 closest to the end of the board:

  1. motor input
  2. not used
  3. motor input
  4. battery +
  5. battery -
  6. not used

battery used was a nicad, 4 cell, max voltage at full charge 5.6v, circuit probably works to 6 v


there is a 2 pin speaker connector on the other long side of the board, marked SPKR

there is another multi-pin connector in the middle of the same long side of the board as the speaker connector, calling pin 1 closest to the same end of the board (away from IC's)

  1. chuff reed
  2. ?
  3. chuff reed
  4. whistle reed
  5. whistle reed
  6. bell reed
  7. bell reed

Here's another PH Hobbies board, I believe this is the one OEM'd to Aristo

Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78