Samsung Note 3

iBolt car dock

I have found a great dock for the Note 3, and will work for note 2 also, although maybe not as convenient as the factory dock.

It is the iBolt xProDock.

1. Video showing xProDock driving demo: 

2. Video showing how to assemble unit (fast forward to 0:55):

3. The Dock'n Drive application (free download) can become your "home screen" while driving. See detailed instructions


Please note the following:

A. To use the "aux-out" feature and have "DockMode" turned on, go into "Settings-Accessory" and select all three options. The 1st setting is for sound when phone is inserted into Dock, the 2nd setting is for aux-out to car-speakers and the third is for starting the DockMode. Compatible Apps are iBOLT Dock'n Drive, CarHome Ultra, Ulysee Speedometer, Slacker Radio and TuneIn, they can all be set as "Default home screen" when in DockMode.

B. You car-stereo setting must be set to "Aux-out/USB" (or similar) when playing. Volume on phone must be set to maximum for optimal sound quality. Adjust volume when playing on car-stereo knob.

C. Please note that sound from phone calls will NOT transfer to car-speakers as Samsung's firmware does not allow this, sorry! A Bluetooth hands-free solution is therefore strongly recommended for making and receiving phone calls while the phone is in the Dock. Although technically you can use the "speaker phone" the other party will not hear you well since the Samsung handsets do not have a microphone setting optimized for hands-free calling.

D. Once in a great while (less then 1%) there can be a "humming/buzzing sound" on the aux-out. If this is the case, please contact us via the Amazon email system and we will trouble shoot and assist.

Other common questions and comments are related to:

E. Some customers have indicated the "ChargingArm" is a bit stiff. However, this is by design as once the arm is "bent" into shape it stays very well in place. Also note on the videos above that the ChargingArm can be placed so it comes out on the left OR right side of the Dock.

F. If you have a Note 2 or Note 3 the dual spring loaded latch can be a bit stiff, making it necessary to use two hands to insert and remove the phone. To reduce the latch force by 50%, simply remove one of the embedded springs in the main housing. With a Philips screw driver this takes only a few minutes. See video with detailed instructions


G. Make sure to tighten the "ring" on the back so the Dock does not "slump" down when driving. Also press on the suction mount before closing it with the latch in order for it to attach firmly to the dashboard or windshield.

Hyperion batteries

I have bought 2 spare batteries and a charger for my Note 2 and was very happy with them.

I bought the "same" setup for my note 3, but the charger, instead of fitting the battery exactly, was a universal one, brand name Yibo Yuan. Both the battery holding part and the 2 pins to contact the battery are adjustable.

Well, as shipped the unit was a pain in the butt. The pins for contacting the battery kept moving, and also the + and - symbols on the battery did not clearly align with the contacts themselves. A quick look on the internet determined which were the correct 2 pins, and then carefully aligning them and putting hot glue on them kept them from moving.

Next I pulled the unit apare with the 3 screws, one of which was hidden beneath a label. The sliding plastic was so strongly held it was a real pain. I stretched the spring a couple of times so that it took a lot less pressure to insert the battery.


have the Trident Kraken case which provides similar protection as the otterbox defender. Was $20 on Newegg

I personally like the Spigen neo hybrid cases. I don't think they protect as strong as the otter box or the body glove, but for the price and style they hold up really well.
Has anyone had experience with the Body Glove Shock Suit? Its Significantly cheaper than the otterbox defender case and I was wondering if anyone knew how it stacked up compared to the otterbox?
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