HP Touchpad

I bought one of these, HP is dumping them for $99 each. They have their own operating system. This was a great deal at the time. Have not checked lately if people are still playing with them.

There was a move afoot to port the Android operating system, so I gambled and bought one.

Frodo was ported, and worked ok, but the ICS port does not have a working camera and still some audio glitches. Now interest has waned but there is some work to get Jelly Bean.



Charger: FB341AA#ABA

case: FB343AA#AC3


Hardware buttons

recent items - press and hold home button

menu - press and hold power button for 10 seconds - you get a menu that allows:

  • home
  • menu
  • back
  • silent mode
  • airplane mode
  • choose profile
  • screenshot
  • reboot
  • power off

reboot - Press and hold power button and home button for about 18 seconds. TP should reboot.

cold boot - power, volume up (nearest corner) or volume down and home button, will see the hound HP logo

holding volume up from reboot - USB boot mode


I read somewhere to power off unit. Press and hold POWER OFF for 10 seconds, Dialog box apprears. Select Shutdown.
wait for shutdown to complete.
Plug usb cable into PC. not into TP yet.
Holding Volume UP button, Plug TP mini USB cable into TP.
A USB symbol will be displayed on TP. I think this is the recovery mode.

To get out of this mode. Press and hold power button and home button for some time. TP should reboot.


Android port



XDA:  http://forum.xda-developers.com/hp-touchpad

A video to show how to do it:

I have read until:

alpha testing going on 10-11-2011, 3:34pm

alpha release seemed to be on 10-12-2011, 10:13 pm

first report of installing the alpha version 10-12-2011, 11:00 pm

second alpha appeared 10-18-2011

third alpha appeared november 22


read up to  start of page 165  10-08-2011 11:18 am




1. download files:

Note: what is going to happen:

  • The Novacom program will let you download and install the files you want
  • the moboot bootloader will give you the abiltiy to boot into WEBOS or Android
  • The ACMEInstaller does the work of setting things up to install the cominstall file (android o/s and drivers)


2. create a directory on the TP for your files:

  • have the TP on
  • hook up a usb cable to a pc
  • tell the TP to be a disk drive when it detects the USB connetion
  • create a directory named "cminstall" at the root of the "disk drive" on your TP
  • unzip the moboot file and copy the image to the TP (you don't need the readme file), my moboot file was named: uImage.moboot_0.3.3
  • Copy the cminstall zip file to the TP (do not unzip it)

3. start the install process

  • dismount the disk drive / usb... sometimes you can't do this right, so just unplug usb, then plug in again, it will come up with the question about using as a disk drive, just hit close.
  • reboot the TP, easy way is to go to settings, info, and you will see a reboot selection.
  • As soon as it starts to reboot, hold the volume up button, which will give you a large white USB symbol
  • When you get the usb symbol, you can release the volume up button
  • on the pc, open dos window, go to directory where you have unzipped the acmeinstaller zip file.
  • execute:  novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller
  • you will see a bunch of code, and then it will boot into android the first time...

4. further steps

how novacom works: http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Memboot


Alpha 3 notes:

Corrupted sdcard directory or readonly sd card:

Many people ran into this... some claimed to just reboot several times, but that did not work. Since the sdcard is corrupted, I could not get to it to reformat it.

I eventually rebooted into WebOS, and did the "clear all user data", which reset the partition in memory that is called the sdcard... then I copied the alpha 3 zip file into a directory, then rebooted into the clockwork mod, cleared the 2 caches, the one called cache, and the one called dalvik. Then I used the "install from zip" option to reload the alpha 3... after this everything was fine, no applications lost.


Why the CM team keep including Gallery in their rom is a mystery. It has been known for a while that using Gallery causes the exact problem you describe. This fix has been posted previously and all that used it say it worked. Launch the terminal app that comes in Android. You will see a $ prompt. Type su and press enter. The $ prompt will change to # . Then enter the following: mount -o remount rw /mnt/sdcard and press enter.

For clarity and to prevent errors the command is: mount(space)-o(space)remount(space)rw(space)/mnt/sdcard

What this fixes is your sd card got set to read only(ro) by the Gallery app and running this changes it back to read/write(rw). Download QuickPics from the market, it's free and stop using Gallery. Infact if you want to prevent this from happening accidently again, watch this video tutorial about removing unwanted apps from custom roms and you can remove the Gallery app from your CM7 rom:


Wifi problems:

Some people reported that  wifi would not connect, and networks could not be forgotten. From the Terminal app run:
# rm -rf /data/misc/wifi && reboot

This will clear the wifi data..

Sound problems:

Some people had trouble with the headphone jack, try enabling bass boost in dsp settings 

found a universal novacom installer: http://forums.precentral.net/canuck-coding/278224-universal-novacom-installer-uni-v1-2-1-a.html


Now this time, don't use the usb, close it... and you want to reboot the unit... select settings, device info, you will see reboot screen.






get the device into developer mode reset (power button + middle button ) and then ( power button + volume up )


first use, where is the wireless?

go into settings and turn it on dummy! If it flakes out, turn it off and back on.


cannot set brightness low enough

adjbrightness from market, lets you have complete control of brightness, and also screen timeout


no gps causes some programs "heartburn"?

fake gps location by lexa -


good tool to manage system

rom toolbox by jrummy16



cpu master



ICS Alpha 0

Tried it but Windows XP still can't find the drivers "cm_tenderloin". Wondering if anyone is able to get usb mount it to work under Windows XP?

If disabling USB debugging doesn't help:

Open Device Manager and right click on cm_tenderloin in the device list
Select the update drivers option
select the let me pick the driver option
Select Samsung device from the list



1. Avoid the "upgrade" install where you install CM9 over CM7 using Acmeinstaller2 in order to retain your existing CM7 setup/apps...that approach seems to have resulted in the lion's share of install problems, some of them quite severe. Whether that's due more to an issue w/the process or operator error isn't clear, but to me it does not seem worth the risk to avoid having to reinstall apps and reconfigure a few email accounts. I know some people have upgraded using acmeinstaller2 just fine, but they are exception rather than the rule.

2. If you want to go the acme installer route, one approach that has resolved significant problems some folks have had after trying upgrade over CM7 is is to run the CM7 acme uninstall process and then reinstall CM9.

3. My recommended install process if you're already on CM7 is below...there is no 100% guarantee, but from what I have seen on this thread I believe it is the approach that is most likely to be successful.


Backup whatever you want to from Android, if you're using Titanium Backup, remember that you'll need Titanium backup 4.0.2 to restore after installing CM9 (other versions don't work yet on CM9):

TiBU 4.0.2: http://www.wuala.com...kup%204.0.2.apk)

Download the four files in the Install section below to your TP.

Boot into CWM

Back up your current ROM in CWM (also known as a "nandroid" backup)

Clean up

Wipe Data/Factory Reset
Format System (under the Mounts and Storage submenu in CWM)
Format Data (if you're superstitious...wipe data/factory reset already did this, but I know some people still want to later, rinse, repeat. ;-) )
Format Cache (if you're superstitious...wipe data/factory reset already did this, but I know some people still want to later, rinse, repeat. ;-) )

While you're in the Mounts and Storage submenu note the Mount USB storage option - if you get into trouble after the install, you can boot into CWM and use the Mount USB Storage option to mount the internal storage to your PC via USB to manage the files on your TP SD card from your laptop.


Flash CM9 alpha: http://goo.gl/OIMNl

Flash charger/system ui fix: (http://goo.gl/UM5Ik)

Flash 4.0.3 Gapps: (From Fabulous, excellent Android dev) http://goo-inside.me...L74K-010112.zip

Do not flash Gapps Fixer yet...you should not need it with Fab's Gapps... you can boot back into CWM and flash it later if you need to: http://www.multiupload.com/2Q3UAJBDEB or http://goo.gl/UM5Ik

Reboot...after rebooting and signing into your Gmail account, Market should auto-restore all your apps. If not install from market or from backup.

If you have problems with Market running or sync for email or calendar:

1. Remove your email accounts
2. Clear data for Market, Calendar and Email/Gmail in Settings>Apps>Manage>All
3. Boot into Cflash the Gapps fixer zip
4. Reboot and set up your email accounts again. Gmail and Exchange Mail both work perfectly when set up correctly.

OK...fixed the Market error "Error Retrieving information from the server":

Boot into Recovery
Wipe cache/Dalvik Cache
Format System
Format Data
Format Cache

Flash CM9 alpha
Flash Gapps
Flash Gapps Fixer http://tux-head.net/...gapps_fixer.zip, or http://faramir.eriad...gapps_fixer.zip

Reboot...after rebooting and signing in, Market is auto-restoring all my apps.

Also, regarding charging issues reported, my TP is charging both on Touchstone and via USB, as long as I use the TP charger, or a charger w/similar power level.

Seems like the old truths are right again - do a clean install on a ROM change or significant update, using the acme option to try to keep data can be quite iffy...may work, may not.


I finally got Google Music running. Here's how:
-remove the current music app
-download the apk here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1350164
-mount and copy new 4.1.511 apk to /system/app
-run apk
It's got a really nice new interface I finally got Google Music running. Here's how:
-remove the current music app
-download the apk here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1350164
-mount and copy new 4.1.511 apk to /system/app
-run apk
It's got a really nice new interface



MTP device on windows 7

OK, since I upodated to ICS, now plugging my tablet into USB tried to install an "MTP USB Device"... always failing.


download from here:




To fix the problem, follow the next steps:

1) Go here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=A2E73160-E862-4F19-BB26-C0CAFE798955&displaylang=en

2) Press the Continue button (Near the validation required button)

3) Press the Download button (Near the genuine Microsoft software)

4) In case that the download hasn't started automatically within 30 seconds, press the Start Download button.

5) Save the file.

6) Execute the file (Double click on the mouse's left button).

7) Next -> Repair -> Repair -> Finish -> Choose "Yes" so the system restarts itself.

That's it, now the MTP devices should work correctly.

If someone want to quote this last post so I can select him as the "Best Answer" I would appreciate it. By doing it, the thread will appear as solved and people will be able to get an answer for this problem.


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