AML 4-6-2 K4 Pacific

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I got one of these at a great deal, seems St. Aubins bought out the rest of them.

I have #1361, which has actually been restored, there is a web site: Click here for K4 restoration

Well, I wanted to set it up on DCC. Thankfully, they provide a schematic which is reasonably correct.There is an isolated chuff switch, that's nice.One problem you see immediately, they have connected the power pickups from the drivers to the smoke unit and the motor and to a 6v regulator which powers some lights.

ARGH! To be able to run on battery or DCC or whatever, you will need to pull the boiler off to get to this wiring to "fix" this. The good news is that it's really not too hard to do. See the section on rewiring on how to do this.

See the section on disassembly on how to pull this apart.

Overall, I was not pleased with the pulling power and gearing out of the box. I've done modifications to make it a lot better now, and looks great.


The rear coupler is a working knuckle coupler, at pretty much the right height:




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