4-6-2 New Style Pacific

Generations 3 and 4


The new style Pacifics are characterized by the completely new drivetrain, with the "prime mover" gearboxes, all axles driven. Also the plastic siderods were replaced with metal. Mechanically much better.

These gearboxes do have a distinct disadvantage, the drivers are not "keyed" to the axles, and can spin on the axle. If this happens, it is often catastrophic to the siderods.

On gen 3, there are switches on the bulkhead, there are two switches one over the other.

  • The top switch (viewed looking into the cab) to left is track power, and to right is battery power. (the manual is in error)
  • The bottom switch is the motor on off, to the right (engineers side) is on.

 The drivers have improved, now better plated:



both versions have the Aristo socket for easy DCC or R/C conversion, the socket is in the boiler on gen 3, and in the tender on the gen 4.






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