Double Corona

Pretty nice cigar, some of the typical chocolate flavor. Smooth, not too strong, and keeps lit nicely, good for a long smoke where you are putting it down a lot or talking a lot. They typically burn very evenly for those who care.

#2 (Belicoso/Torpedo)

52 ring gauge, 6-1/8" long

Always in the top 10 rated Cubans. A standard in the industry. Often counterfeited. The larger ring gauge allows more flavors and these are great cigars. You should always have a box of them. Full easy draw, lots of flavors, and the taste is unique, cocoa, full bodied.


Sort of like smoking 3 Robustos back to back! Almost too much of a good thing. If you let it go out, then you will basically lose the last third of the cigar due to tar buildup. These can be great, but keep them fairly moist. Expensive, but always an attention getter due to their length.


Most I have had are ok, but not great. To get that real Monty taste, you need another leaf in the bunch. Now, the Millenium 2000 in the white ceramic jar are the best of the breed, but still not quite complex or flavorful for me. Many people will love the Milleniums because of the rarity of them, or will want to brag about the cost, but they are indeed a quality cigar, more smooth and creamy than the standard robustos.

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