R.J.'s covered staging yard

This expansion is to support a covered staging yard that will be located south and parallel to the storage shed you see in the pictured. Your are looking basically West here. The following 2 pictures show RJ cutting into the main line. The ground slopes away pretty sharply here. 

The sections for the elevated track are from Bildisco Mfg http://www.bildisco.com/TrackwaysBrochure.pdf They are made of painted steel, and come in various lengths.

More progress:

Looking West:

RJ needed to lengthen one of the pre-fab sections of bridge he got, so here's how he added aluminum to the 4' bridge section:

Here's the beginning of the staging yard, you can see the bridge section in the approach. The first section has been built, but 2 more sections will be built to make the overall length 24 foot:


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