This is a wide range of items that I have learned to navigate

There are lots of facets. This is from personal experience, but the main thing I learned: ASK QUESTIONS, lots of them! Also, while you should not be a "Google PHD", any good doctor can explain why they are prescribing and what are alternatives, and side effects, etc. There are many medications used to treat the same issues, it is VERY rare when an alternative is not available.


The mechanics of taking medications

I'm starting here because as a newbie, that was the first thing I ran into.

Non - pill/tablet - infusions

There are many ways to take medications, and I will not dwell IV or infusion pumps, etc. It's an entire story, but suffice it to say, there are also alternatives in the "delivery system". One time we used a battery powered infusion pump, and it was a real pain, heavy, and you infused for an hour, then you had to maintain the IV system itself, by changing hoses, changing batteries, etc. Then you also had to maintain the "site" (where the tubes go into your bloodstream). Being very sterile, flushing with different liquids, sterile caps, etc.

Recently a friend needed this kind of infusion, but he got a "smartpump", where it is a small, pre-pressurized bulb which pushes the liquid into you in a controlled manner, and continuosly. Besides no motor/pump or batteries, clearly smaller, more foolproof, lighter. But a big plus is that since the infusion is continuous (not stopped and started) you don't have to keep flushing the site when you are not using it, it won't clog because it is in continuous use. These are alternatives you have to ask about, because sadly, the majority of medical care is "do the same as you did yesterday"

Most of us: tablets/capsules/pills

If you have a lot of pills, you need a system.

First, you need a pill box, and here is a great one:

ezy dose "medtime planner"  - weekly day with rounded base, got mine from Health Care Logistics, item 18916


Right off, you think a box is a box.



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